Hawks Nest Golf Club requires that players treat the course and other players with respect, and that all players adhere to the universally accepted etiquette guidelines. Key aspects of these guidelines are as follows:

Reporting to Pro Shop and Starting Times

All players are to report to the pro shop at least 15 minutes prior to their tee time, where they will have their time and starting tee confirmed.

Dress Regulations

Players must be neat and tidy at all times – no football jumpers, tracksuits or singlets. Footwear must be enclosed, and collared shirts are expected for all competition golf.


No player should move, talk or stand close to or directly behind the ball or the hole when the player is addressing the ball or playing a stroke.

Pace of Play

Maximum enjoyment from a round of golf requires that players move smartly between shots. Call the following group through if a lost ball cannot be located within 2 or 3 minutes. Be ready to play your shot in turn.

It is important for players to keep up to the group in front to maintain the correct pace of play.

The aim should be to complete 18 holes in four hours.

The pro shop and its marshals have full delegation from the Match Committee for the responsibility of the golfing schedule and the Pace of Play. Players must comply with their instructions.

Care of the Course

Divots: All players will repair their fairway divots by knocking in the sides and then filling with sand.
Pitchmarks: All players will repair their pitchmarks on the green.
Bunkers: All players will rake the bunker after their shot.

Lost Balls and Calling Through

In the event of lost balls, please call the next group through while searching for balls. If a player is required to return to the tee to play another shot, the etiquette is to call the following group through if they are waiting on the tee. Having allowed the group behind to play through, do not continue play until that group is out of range. It is strongly advised that if there is any doubt about the exact location of a ball that a ‘provisional ball’ be used.

Status of Greenstaff on the Course

In the event of work being performed whilst playing – please wait until signalled before playing shots. In all cases, Greenstaff have right of way on the course.

Use of Carts and Buggies

Players must use care when using carts and buggies. Buggies must be taken around surrounds and carts must stay 10m from greens and observe any cart signs or coloured lines in front of greens.

Practice Range

Situated on the northern side of the Clubhouse, the range is calibrated at 100, 150 and 200 metres.

Because of its location alongside the 18th fairway, players on the 18th hole have right of way at all times.

Drivers, fairway woods and longer irons cannot be used whilst a competition is in progress. Shorter irons can be used as long as balls do not land on the ‘full’ past the chain used to indicate the safe practice distance during competitions.

Chipping Green

This is located alongside the service road to the Greenkeepers complex.